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Social Innovation

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor at the 2022 National Community Leadership Summit?

One of the key elements of the Summit is networking and the Marketplace is a prime space to share and connect with local champions across the country. The Marketplace is a virtual exhibitors’ hall, these virtual booths will provide an opportunity to share social innovations, resources, products, and more in a variety of ways.  These virtual booths can also be used to host a networking session, facilitate a discussion circle, have one-to-one conversations, share videos, exchange resources and more.


The Marketplace will be open from Monday, October 17th through Wednesday, October 19th and available on the conference platform for 30 days following the summit. 

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting


If you would like to apply for a virtual booth please visit the summit website and complete the Exhibitor Application Form by Wednesday, October 13, 2022. There are a limited number of booths available, and exhibitors will be prioritized based on submission order.

​If you have any questions regarding virtual booths in the Marketplace, please feel free to contact

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