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Beloved Community in Action Workshops
Applications for the Beloved Community in Action Workshop and Learning Journey are now open!

Are you interested in a longitudinal, peer-based, learning experience beyond the 2-day virtual summit? We are pleased to offer three opportunities to deepen your understanding and practice of Beloved Community principles in daily social transformation work. 

The Beloved Community in Action Learning Journeys will allow small cohorts of learners to join a 2.5 hour workshop, as described below, followed by a series of six, 90-minute monthly discussions over a 6 month period between November 2021 and May 2022.

We encourage you to consider applying to a Learning Journey as a team of 2-3.  This work is deeply rooted in equitable partnerships and collaboration. It is our hope that these journeys support the growth of community-led solutions and relationships.

In order to provide intimate cohort experiences there are limited seats available. Applicants can only commit to one learning journey, and must be interested in participating in the workshop and the 6-month, cohort-based, Learning Journey.

The application for these exclusive 6-month Learning Journeys opened on September 1, 2021 and will close by October 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET. Applications will be prioritized based on submission order. Please register for the summit to receive the application via email. 


Of note, there are limited seats available and registration for these workshops are dependent on additional application steps that will be requested via email in the coming weeks.

Beloved Community in Action Workshops

  • Tuesday, 10/19/21 from 12-2:30pm ET: Cooperative Funding Structures: Exploring justice and dignity-centered approaches to funding community transformation.

  • Wednesday, 10/20/21 from 12-2:30pm ET: Generational Connections: Building capacity to both provide and receive mentorship between youth and elders.

  • Thursday, 10/21/21 from 12-2:30pm ET: Collaborative Leadership for Social Change: Exploring and building capacity to apply principles of dignity, equity, and justice to drive change in partnership with the community you seek to serve.

If you have any questions regarding these limited capacity workshops, please feel free to contact

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